Republicans 2012 Will be Repeat of 1976

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SwingVoter, Nov 22, 2010.

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    I get it - Christie's not running. But the problem is he's going to overshadow whichever one of the forgettable duds the GOP chooses to put up, much like Reagan did with Ford in 1976. Christie will give some great speech, and then Thune/Jindal/Romney/Pawlenty will put everyone to sleep with predictable, repetitious crap.

    Palin might keep us awake, but the impact will die down when after 30 minutes it becomes clear she's got nothing else to say.

    I think Christie would be a great leader in the way Reagan and JFK were, and the Bushes, Carter, Clinton, Ford, and Nixon weren't. And we'll just have to suffer through a few more years of the Incompetent Indonesian to wait for him to take office.

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