Republican Renewal in Illinois

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CGerg72, Mar 4, 2010.

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    The Democrats are not the healing elixir that the United States needs, sound economic, foreign and domestic policies are. These are not found in the current Democratic agenda. The current Democratic powers see fit to force a health-care revolution, which will inevitably increase taxes, down the throat of the American people. Rather than focusing on job creation and mending the economic issues that precipitated the financial meltdown in the first place. The Democrats had a "super-majority" and did nothing more with it than push an extremist and ineffective agenda.

    Balance and sound principle needs to be restored to Washington politics. Part of that restoration is taking place in Illinois' 11th Congressional District. The Democratic incumbent Debbie Halvorson has done little good for her district. She has been a strong acolyte for the Obama agenda and not her constituents. The bills she has supported has created no jobs, obscene spending and put the sustained prosperity of her district, and the country, in doubt. She needs to be unseated and real leadership can be brought to the district, leadership that Adam Kinzinger will provide. His dedication to fiscal responsibility and vigor to defend the interests of 11th district, something Halvorson lacks, is the healing elixir the district, and country, needs.

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