Republican Ideology through History

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    [Please check later posts for any updates]

    Roaring Twenties, growth of the automobile and a war economy
    Harding reduces taxes on the wealthy to spur growth
    Three consecutive republican administrations, supply side economics prevail
    Republicans align themselves with big business
    Coolidge/Hoover presidencies a bubble mentality ensues as wall street speculation grows
    Bubble bursts, banks collapse, economy collapses
    Rigid republican policy prevents creative workable solutions
    Great Depression begins - Hoover ineffective
    Hoover a businessman gets advice from the wealthy and National Association of Manufacturers
    Hoover does little substantive eventually fails completely
    FDR rescues the nation from Great Depression, creates job programs
    FDR creates strong regulatory structure
    These are the times of radio and newspapers
    FDR creates the greatest single asset for all Americans: Social Security
    FDR masterfully fought WWII along with Churchill and help from Stalin
    FDR wins three terms and is ranked by most as the greatest modern period American president
    Sixty years of American exceptionalism follow FDR's presidency
    Truman ends the savagery of World War II with Japan with the ultimate savagery
    Truman uses UN in Korean war effort over fear of communism's spread
    Truman extends New Deal and Civil rights
    WWII end brings prosperity to America due to GI Bill, home growth, and durable goods growth
    High tax rates continue until seventies and eighties
    American corporations support the American worker with pensions and healthcare
    Eisenhower ignores right wing war mongering republicans, extends civil rights
    Warren court hands down ruling on public school segregation
    Eisenhower continues progressivism, Vietnam involvement continues from Truman
    Eisenhower's grand idea and job's program, the Interstate highway begins
    Eisenhower commits to helping South Vietnam
    The 'Cold War' clouds the mind of America creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust
    Nixon loses to Kennedy in first TV election
    Kennedy buys into ridiculous Bay of Pigs plan from Eisenhower administration
    America's youth gain power prestige and purchasing power
    Advertising, aka propaganda, grows as TV replaces radio
    Kennedy reduces taxes for wealthy
    Battle for space with Russia consumes America's resources
    Blacks decide waiting any longer for equality is too long
    Rosa Parks, among others, and Martin Luther King motivate a freedom movement long pass due
    Camelot ends in Dallas
    LBJ foolishly listens to war cries concerning domino effect and tragically involves America in Nam
    LBJ advances civil rights and extended welfare so all Americans can have a little of the pie
    Voter rights extended to all under Johnson Administration
    Like FDR, Lyndon Baines Johnson moves America a bit closer to fairness and equality
    LBJ creates the second great American accomplishment for seniors Medicare
    Anti-war demonstrations change attitudes and diminish LBJ social achievements
    Nixon has secret plan for ending Vietnam but paranoid personality ruins administration
    Nixon opens up trade to China and negotiates with Mother Russia
    Internet begins with DOD project to protect communications against Armageddon
    Nixon's fear of loss and his administration misfits create Watergate
    Fearing impeachment Nixon resigns, Ford takes helm
    Carter elected, religion enters politics
    Carter inherits stagflation economy from Nixon / Ford
    Carter supports Afghanistan against Russian occupation, seeds are set for growth of insurgency terrorism
    CNN and the start of 24 by 7 news begins
    Carter reduces taxes for wealthy and increases military spending
    Iranian militants take Americans captive
    Oil embargo hurts Carter but efforts at energy policy are forgotten as Reagan wins
    Reagan starts the destruction of the middle class in part by making government the problem
    Reagan starts destruction of regulatory agencies that eventually lead to the Great Recession of today
    Reagan reduces taxes for wealthy - corporations and think tanks gain persuasive powers
    Reagan or his administration realize their errors and raise taxes several times, including largest peace time tax
    America becomes a debtor nation under Reagan, invades Grenada
    Reagan escapes impeachment over Iran Contra
    Bush Sr experiences effect of Reagan economic policies, economy collapses, real estate boom crash, S&L scandal, bailouts to rescue nation again after republican policies
    G.H.W. Bush loses to William Jefferson Clinton as Republican policies once more fail the nation
    Internet commercialization grows as browsers develop and business goes online
    Clinton raises taxes, economy recovers aided by millennium and Internet bubble
    Clinton buys into financial nonsense, supporting NAFTA, regulatory and welfare reform
    Clinton raises minimum wage and job growth continues
    Armies of money and power go after Clinton on healthcare proposal, spending publicly and privately millions
    Silly DADT policy implemented after republican opposition to more open policy
    Clinton moves right and sells out progressive values
    Monica and the meaning of 'is' fill the news and blanket real issues
    Republicans with nothing else on their agenda investigate and try to impeach Clinton
    Millions are spent to remove a democratically elected president
    Gore wins popular vote, republicans fight Florida recount
    Bush-Gore election goes to Bush as SCOTUS has moved from interpreters of law to corporate ideologues
    Bush proves himself inept in all ways, but 911 attack creates fear and more war cries
    Bush proves himself an incompetent leader who creates massive debt and war deaths
    Clinton surplus is squandered on tax relief primarily for the wealthy
    'War on Terror' clouds the mind of America creating an atmosphere of fear
    Bush, as Reagan did, grows government and creates massive federal debt
    Katrina incompetence represents firsthand the failure of republican governance
    Loss of regulatory structure starting with Reagan and continuing with Clinton and Bush helps creates housing bubble
    Bush invades Iraq based on trumped up propaganda about WMDs and scare tactics
    Real estate bubble bursts over poor investments and just plain greed and stupidity on wall street and investment firms
    Loss of regulatory structures again leads to economic collapse in America and the world
    Great depression fears grow again after eight years of republican governance
    National Association of Manufacturers and other corporations today own congress due to need for election monies
    Economy collapses under Bush and bailouts are once again required during a republican administration
    One in four children in America suffers hunger. Job loss and poverty increase again under republican business governance
    Obama wins election for 'change' due to the total failure of Bush and the republicans
    Armies of money and power again mount offensive attacking the American values of justice and fairness represented by Obama
    Election loss creates powerful forces against change of status quo
    Outsourcing automation and downsizing negatively affect job growth in America
    Big money conservatives again fight against the workings of democracy
    Republican judicial appointees mount war against voter rights and democratic government
    Obama's help of GM is a financial and job saving success
    Republican presidents have worst job record with the Bushs as the worst of the lot
    Tea party forms supported by big money and rigid ideology
    The corporatist SCOTUS decides corporations are really people
    Obama attempts at bipartisanship and compromise prove impossible
    Market up under Obama (30% at time of writing)
    Stimulus for America helps but republicans fight against American values of sharing the pie
    Obama passes Healthcare policy, keeps campaign promises on wars
    America is too scared to live up to its principles of a fair trial and creates military tribunals
    DADT is finally removed but Obama shows no guts as billions are squandered on Bush's tax policy that failed completely
    Job numbers improve greatly from Bush but European fears and globalism affect markets
    Big money fights healthcare and think tank rhetoric distorts potential cost savings
    Wall street fights hard to maintain its wild west greed mentality
    Mid term elections prove once again America's workers and working class don't vote in sufficient numbers
    Republicans block all job bills and block Obama's nominations for public office
    Obama's Libyan policy is successful with minor expenditure
    Tea party ideologues try to sabotage government on dept ceiling to bring down America's elected president
    Bush Jr tax policies still govern America as republicans fight for big oil and big money
    Poverty in America increases as republicans fight for the wealthy and the corporations
    America's credit rating is downgraded due to intransigence of republicans in congress
    Republican presidential candidates kowtow to tea party and Norquist tax pledge
    Wages for working Americans have been flat since Reagan with minor jump during Clinton
    Election cycle begins again as focus moves back to power rather than governance
    Republican governed state houses work to bring back Jim Crow and voter suppression
    Republicans cheer loudly for death penalty numbers
    Republican election audience demonstrate 'compassionate conservative' was always an oxymoron
    Republicans with nothing productive to do try to capsize Obama administration as they did Clinton
    Only 12% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job and a majority want their own representatives removed from office
    Romney moves into Flip-Flopville and Perry gains strength due to his extreme views and cowboy image
    Republicans still mention taxes and regulation as economic panaceas after their proven failure for nearly a hundred years
    While republicans often mention freedom they are the least free politicians, ideology prevents working towards solutions
    The rigid republican ideology explains their failures when given the reigns of governance
    Republicans today only want power back and stand in the way of jobs and rebuilding America
    America's political system, and even our court system, has moved away from practical politics that works for the people to a system that works only the politician, big money and corporations
    And so it goes....

    Recent: Obama's job plan will help unemployment and American states and cities rebuild, just as Roosevelt's did, but republicans again sidetrack real issues with malarkey about spending, taxes, and regulation, proving once again that the love of money is the greatest evil and the average voter has a short memory and pays little attention to results. It would seem that republicans with corporate support are still fighting Franklin Roosevelt's accomplishments and the freedoms given all by Lyndon Baines Johnson? President Obama is finally on the attack, recognizing when politics is only about power and money, and not about America, compromise is impossible.

    [If anyone decides to counter this factual history please provide substantive information. Blanket statements will be considered irrelevant. Ad hominem statements are not counterpoints.]
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    Your fingers must be bleeding by now.

    Here's a shorter more entertaining few from the left:

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    FWIW, I do not think the GOP has remained the same party, with the same POV it once had.

    I can say exactly the same about the Democratic party.
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    FDR rescues the nation from Great Depression, creates job programs...

    What year did that happen?
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    OP, where did you copy/paste this from?
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    Why did you begin your 'history" of the Republicans in the 1920's when they were formed in the 1850's?
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    Because that's where the person it got copied from started
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    Anyone actually believe that the OP compiled that list on his own?

    Smells like plagiarism.

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    Hating Hatters

    Looks like he did the list himself.
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    I remember when the Republicans objected to FREE TRADE.

    Political parties do not have or represent ideologies, they have and represent interests.

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