Republican and Democrat Marriage

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    1. "As Isaac Pollak, an ardent Republican, kissed his wife goodbye before heading out on a business trip to Asia several years ago, he handed her his absentee ballot for the coming presidential election and asked her to mail it.

    2. Bonnie Pollak, a Democrat, weighed her options. Should she be loyal to her spouse, respect his legal right and mail the ballot? Or remain faithful to her deeply held beliefs and suppress his vote?

    3. "It was a real dilemma," says Ms. Pollak, 58 years old, a student in a doctoral program in social welfare who lives in Manhattan. "I decided to do the right thing."

    4. Ms. Pollak threw the ballot away."

    Had the situation been reversed, would the Republican have behaved in the same way?


    Leftism, liberalism....being a Democrat, is seen differently from the Right.

    5. Leftism is a religion. One may see a hint of that when Hillary popularized ‘the politics of meaning…’ “Mrs. Clinton recently criticized the way American society rewards selfishness and stigmatizes idealism, publicly embracing my call for a politics of meaning…” Cynicism vs. the Politics of Meaning : Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve the media's sneers for saying what most Americans feel. - Los Angeles Times

    a. Highly meaningful to the Left, it meant nothing to conservatives. This is because conservatives don't look to government, or politics, for meaning. Rather, they look to their own lives, their families, their work, friends, hobbies, and, most frequently, their religion.

    6. It seems that Ms. Pollack saw her destruction of Mr. Pollacks ballot as a blow for the opposed to enforcing the right of that particular individual, her husband.

    Could be?

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