Report : N.Korea fired 2 more missiles off last night...

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    Ignoring the sanctions made by the United Nations, North Korea has conducted a ballistic missile test and now this time they are threatening the Korean peninsula as well as the entire world with a nuclear arms test.

    What should we do against N.Korea?

    North Korea test-fires new short-range missile, Yonhap says - Los Angeles Times

    North Korea fired another short-range missile off its eastern coast last night, South Korea's Yonhap News reported, after the communist regime carried out a nuclear test and launched missiles earlier in the week.

    The latest firing of a land-to-ship missile occurred around 9:10 p.m. local time, the Korean-language report said, citing a South Korean government official it didn't identify. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff are looking into the matter and can't confirm the new launch yet, a military official who requested anonymity said today in Seoul.

    North Korea launched two missiles on May 25 and has now tested five short-range rockets this week, the report said.

    Kim Jong Il's regime on May 25 conducted a nuclear test, drawing criticism from the international community. President Barack Obama has said the U.S. will work with its allies to "stand up" to North Korea.

    The U.S., China, Japan and Russia have agreed that the United Nations Security Council should adopt a strong resolution censuring North Korea for its nuclear test and missile launches, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said in New York yesterday.

    The countries are also involved in the so-called six-party talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons development. The negotiations also involve North Korea and South Korea.

    North Korea first detonated a nuclear device in October 2006.

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