Rep. Pete Hogsty, Mich

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    Rep. Pete Hogsty, Mich
    guest on C-Span in pit bull attack mode.
    He wants Obama to set out a strategy to win the war in Afghanistan. We are 8 years into this war and why didn’t they ask Bush to set out a strategy to win? Bush created and had this war for 8 years with no success and Obama has had it for 8 months along with a host of other problems Bush started and failed to settle. Bush was very successful in creating problems but not solving them.

    Pete is wrong for attacking Obama. If this war was winnable militarily, it would have been won years ago. We win this war by bringing our troops home and securing America. While we are in the Middle East fighting terrorist, they are here already planning their next attack. We need to do what we did to Japanese Americans during the war. We do not know who is here and who is coming into this country.

    Our policies created terrorists and our policies is the only way to defeat terrorists. Our presence in the middle east trying to change thousands of years of religion, culture and Islamic law with democracy is why radical Islam is attacking us and will continue to as long as we are there. Iraq and Afghanistan did not ask for our help. And what does the Taliban have to do with anything? They did not attack us on 9-11. We are killing everyone that had nothing to do with 0-11. Innocent Muslims.

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