Rep. Paul Ryan ReInforces Views Of Workers Of The World At GOP(?)!

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    The reports in the Los Angeles Times show that finally several GOP House members heard the unfiltered view of what happens in the event of a failure to raise the debt ceiling.

    U.S. debt ceiling: House Republicans brace for compromise to avoid U.S. default -

    Speaker Boehner was only able to muster, "Star Wars" as a senario. Unreported are any direct quotes from Chairman Ryan, but changed minds are reported. Los Angeles Times reports that a stand-down process is commencing.

    Anyone notices that the change from commodity money--gold, silver, salt, hashish, and whatever exchange media people value highly--is still in process. Commodity money has its thousands of years. Credit-based exchange has its decades of years.

    Reduced or low credit standing has probably been shown to be more periilous than the millions in gold now at Fort Knox, if any!

    There is not enough gold to go around. Credit there is enough: To go around, and around, and around. . .even in a galaxy: Far, far away! In other words, even there, too!

    In fact, if interest rates go way on up: Then even at anyone's property, the values will plunge.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Find many buffalo. Make many WigWam. Make a Fortune From the Housing Debacle!)

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