Remember when USMB GOP said the gay issue was dead? Gays are "welcome" in GOP.

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    Then along comes Richard Grenell. And look at USMB right wing threads about gays. Disgusting.


    The amendment was placed on the ballot after Republicans took over control of the state legislature after the 2010 elections, a role the GOP hadn't enjoyed for 140 years.

    The amendment also goes beyond state law by voiding other types of domestic unions from carrying legal status, which opponents warn could disrupt protection orders for unmarried couples.

    "I understand that we already have a law on the books invalidating gay marriage. I feel like it's really important to stand up and be heard against any further discrimination," elementary school teacher Amelia Rogers of Raleigh said before casting her ballot last weekend. "That's the No. 1 reason why I'm coming out to vote today and it's against any further discrimination."

    NC Votes on Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage - ABC News


    The Republican Party is so hateful.

    And that hate leads to terrible self destruction. Republicans are destroying farming in the South:

    The cost of legal H2A farm labor is too expensive for most operations and simply unaffordable for start-up farms. The option is to hire illegal workers and hope for the best or to simply get out of the fruit and vegetable business.

    Though each state has different laws for migrant workers, changes in one state can have a devastating effect on others. Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina

    Farm labor laws crippling Carolina fruits/vegetables | Orchard Crops content from Southeast Farm Press


    All this hate after the last election. Imagine what they will do if they win the next election cycle. I think the voter suppression, a blow against democracy, is a good indication.
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    Thought it was amazing I started this thread a couple of days ago and in that time, Obama came out for marriage and Romney was exposed as a bully and a homophobe.

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