Religion in politics do matter.

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by LilOlLady, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Religion in general should not matter in politics but it does when a religion teaches hate and racism. Sees Blacks as inferior and sub-human, lazy and filthy people and even a drop of Black blood can bring down a curse on a people. Mormons do not condone marriage with Blacks. Mormonism teaches the same hate compared to radical Islam and no place in the people’s house. Blacks have fought and died for equal GOD given rights and there are those who still do everything in their power to take it away from them.
    Book of Mormons is not a Christian belief but dogma, doctrine and tradition and has not place in Christianity. Christianity does not change but Mormonism does.
    Old die hard white superiority still exist in politics and society. It will always exist because only Jesus can see the heart and change the heart. Miss. Gov. Haley admitted that his faith had a lot to do with his pardons leaves to believe that religion does affect political decisions. Leave forgiveness to god during the judgment. Not Haley’s jobs to judge and forgive and know the hearts of men. Of course they are going to act different in his presence than not. That is way religion in politics is so dangerous. Romney will set Blacks back a hundred years if not thousands based on the Book of Mormons.

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