Reinstate Saddam?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by USViking, Feb 4, 2006.

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    A half-serious paraody occurrs to me that the best way
    out of the mess in Iraq might be this: reinstate Saddam
    and the Baathist party to power, subject to the dicatates
    of a US High Commission.

    Of the hundreds of thousands of former Baathist military,
    police and administrative personnel there should easliy be
    enough to cement authority with US backing.

    We could set them up, and give them a green light to hang
    every dissident on the spot from the nearest lamp post.
    Order might well be attained within a few months.

    Of course in return for the favor of US sponsorship, our new
    Baathist friends might do us such favors as flooding the market
    with OPEC-undercutting oil.

    And on down the road we could back the new Iraqi army in a
    new invasion of Iran, siezing Iran’s oil-producing terrirtory,
    and rendering the Ayatollah crackpots too impoverished to
    proceed with their nuclear WMD schemes.

    I would hate giving up on the humanitarian aspect of our
    involvement in Iraq, but it simply is not working, so the best
    alternative is an iron boot.

    The parody above is half-serious in that it might eventually
    be necessary to adopt such policies and methods to cope
    with an intractible reality.

    The Third World has in the 40-50 years of its independence
    of the West given evidence of the literal truth of the words
    of the old imperialist Poet Laureate Rudyard Kipling: they are
    “Half devil and half child”.

    It would be better to impose a regime of neocolonialism on
    these devil’s children that to have them drag us down with
    them in the whirlwinds of fire forever issuing from their devil’s playground.

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