Regardless of the election this country is in trouble

Discussion in 'Politics' started by miami_thomas, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I feel certain that the election will have a promising outcome but the fact that Obama was able to be elected the first time should send a signal that this country is in trouble. How is it a man with more red flags than all the flags at the 2012 Olympics get elected? The only true question is did the country know about his past and elected him anyways. Or was it the media hiding his past that allowed him to be elected. Either way it spells trouble for our future as either we as a nation just don’t care or we as a nation are blind.

    Now I know every time you talk about something like this everyone calls conspiracy theory and that automatically kills the conversation. By the way, that is a known tactic to divert attention from very real issue. But it is the facts surrounding this president that in previous times would have prevented him from getting elected. I know some will say because he is black he could not have gotten elected in previous times but even if he were white and had his history he would not have had a chance. So what do you think it is are we blind or do we just not care anymore?

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