Red October

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    Red October: High pressure to bring warm weather to parts of UK

    It may be too soon to pack away the summer clothes, as temperatures are set to soar back to 23C (73F) before the end of the week.

    Although Scotland and parts of the North are experiencing a wet start to the week, the rain should pass by Wednesday, leading the way for sun and temperatures in the late teens.

    Before then, the Met Office has issued a weather warning for rain in Scotland, even suggesting there is a risk of flooding to homes and businesses, until the end of the day on Tuesday.

    The warning adds: "Through Monday and into Tuesday widely 40-60mm of rain is expected with totals of 100-150mm over some upland sites exposed to the strong south-westerly winds."

    In the South, Wednesday will be particularly warm, with Sky's weather team predicting highs of 22-23C (71-73F).

    Freak weather is now the norm.
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