Recruiting trip puts Marine in the right place

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    Small town Marine recruiter spots purse-snatcher, shows passers-by benefits of Marine Corps training... :)

    Marine Corps Sgt. Brandon Hampson was out looking for qualified applicants Monday when he found a purse-snatcher instead.

    No sweat.

    He just used another part of his Marine training, tackled the guy and held him until police got there.

    Hampson, of Lancaster, aided in the arrest by the Chillicothe Police Department of Zachary Phillips, 21, of 5020 Bushmill Road. Phillips was charged with theft and taken to the Ross County Jail. Tuesday, he appeared in Chillicothe Municipal Court and was arraigned on the theft charge as well as one count of receiving stolen property.

    Hampson, who joined the Marines four years ago because he said it is the best thing a young man can do, said he understands the desperation of people, but stealing from a grocery shopping mom and her kid should never be an option.

    "They were there trying to do normal family stuff," Hampson said. "No one was there to protect them. I was just glad I was there."

    Hampson said the day began as he and a new recruit, Jeff McComis, set out to find a few more recruits in the hopes of boosting McComis' recruitment rank. They were leaving Kroger on North Bridge Street.

    Suddenly he heard the faint sound of a woman screaming, "That guy stole her purse." He remembered seeing a gray blur run past him. Instinctively, Hampson said, he took off after the guy tackling him to the ground near the CVS pharmacy. McComis also aided in the chase.

    "I let him get up because he said he wasn't going to run, but as soon as I did he took off again," Hampson said.

    "So, I had to pretty much sit on him until the police came."

    It was a natural reflex for the ex-scout sniper.

    "We are trained to deal with a lot of situations," he said. "I feel like it's my responsibility to do it over a regular civilian. I used a couple of moves to take him down."

    Hampson said McComis, 19, is leaving for basic training on Monday and will receive a recognition reward on that day for having Marine quality before training.

    "He was right on my tail and listened to my every order," he said. "He is going to make a great Marine.

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