Record Payroll Numbers Increase, Like In 2000 Cenusus Year!

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    People who stayed on unemployment, or just stayed unemployed, did not go to work for the 2010 Census, U. S. government employment data show today, Friday, June 4. In fact, not since the Census year of 2000, has there been so many jobs created.

    And this comes after the 11 months of giant job losses in 2009, and continues an upward trending of payroll employment overall: And a fairly steady 9.7% unemployment rate for the year, so far.

    May jobs report: Unemployment lower - Jun. 4, 2010

    The actual numbers were not that far off from forecasts that the Census alone would add 400,000 jobs to the payroll data. According to Associated Press, "Economists forecast the country added 513,000 jobs last month, a big jump from the 290,000 in April. But as many as 400,000 of those jobs could come from government hiring of census workers."

    Borrowing from the Chinese, reported in the link, however, is not the problem. Census Work is not unemployment. The increase of hours and of hourly wages is not evidence of a downturn.

    Recalling Herbert Hoover, who had abandoned any pretense of support for "laissez-faire," in the early 1920,s--preferring instead some nature of unmoving cartels-by-sector, cooperative "regulation" of economies--then the interventions post-1929 were mainly too restrained. Smoot-Hawley tariffs were synonomus, both with "Depression" and "No Global Economy Wanted." The Federal Reserve restricted the margin-money--and other money--and the Congress started raising income taxes, and on the rich.

    In the great void of 2001 to 2009--the Great Black Hole In The Universe of Presidential Administrations--there belatedly arose even more intervention, GOP-inspired, supportive of the rich. The famous, "Reagan Trajectory," would later be recalled, as opposed to Herbert Hoover. Republicans would cross-over in droves to show the planet just what they were having to put up with(?)! Subsequent the economic boost from the Tax Rebates of 2008, then Federal Reserve became active in liquidity formation--possibly inspired by the Great Entrepreneurial Spirit of the former California, "actor/alcoholic" turned Governor, itself. Secretary Paulson came up with TARP--even though the U. S. Credit Market was already in excess of $50.0 tril. Again there was no concept of the magnitude and income scale(?) of the problem. Actually, the rich didn't need the money. The banks effectively stopped doing business, and repaid TARP at 8.5% APR within 18 months.

    So the GOP crossed-over, as if to say, "Look And See(?)!" The Obama people actually bailed out the upper scale, state and local public employment sector: In the name of "shovel-ready" projects. Actually, more famously, the "ticket bitch" doesn't even know what a shovel even is!

    Mainly, University of California would not only have the good fortune to commence downsizing the pay of the faculty who caused it all, but UC would get rid of nearly 2000 of them, in the first year of "Stimulus" alone! Some good would come from "The Stimulus," possibly in the name of "shovel-ready(?)."

    Schedule M, and Cash For Clunkers, and the home-purchase credits: Would eventually find their way into the economy, at the actual market level. Goods and services are actually made and purchased, in the ordinary markets that even the Soviets knew something about.

    In America, the shortages were everywhere, in fact: And so Q1 of 2010 was about creating inventory at last.

    The Chinese were never the problem, in all this.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Half-Wit Father In Washington, Send Squaw to Garden. This made sense to Great Entrepreneurial Green Spiriit! Great Law of Pittance Possession is valued in Great Half-Wit Father's half-acre of plants.
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    Sounds about right

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