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Discussion in 'Economy' started by Baruch Menachem, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I am watching another interesting Korean drama. It is called (in a goofy translation) "High kick through the roof" and is the story of a young girl from the country who gets a job as a maid in the household of a moderately wealthy household.

    It is pretty illustrative of the difference between poverty and being stone broke. Korean base wages are 3000 won, or about 2.85 per hour. It is a real education seeing what life is like, and what life can be, at that level of income.

    This is just one of many dramas I have seen in recent years dealing with the life of those who live normal low income lives in Korea. And how tough life can be at that level.

    I wish folks would check these things out, and then talk of how rough life in America can be for the poor.

    There are also dramas like "She is 19," "Shining Inheritance" and "Couple of Trouble." Living in Korea really is like dancing on the knife's edge.

    Also interesting is the contrast between those who have nothing and those who have tons. The contrasts in Oriental dramas is intense.

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