Rebuilding Your Career after A Disaster

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    Pretty interesting. Long--9 pages--might want to print it out to read.

    Rebuilding Your Career after a Disaster
    Marty Nemko

    At some point, many of us will want or need to make a new career start. Of course, many victims of Hurricane Katrina will. Here’s my advice on how to rebuild your career after a disaster.

    I’ll focus on people affected by Hurricane Katrina, but much of the counsel is applicable to smaller-scale disasters, for example, that you lost a loved one or were fired.

    Get started now. Wallowing makes it worse. Despite what shrinks say, most of my clients have found that the faster you act, the less likely you are to descend into depression and inaction.

    Another reason to move forward quickly is that unfortunately, the half-life of people’s sympathy is short. Remember the Asian tsunami? For a few days, donors were generous, but they quickly turned to the disaster du jour. Strike while the iron is hot.

    This is an opportunity for something bigger and better. Aim for something more exciting than your previous job. That will help motivate you to do the hard work necessary to rebuild.

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