Reason #11 That The USA Will Be Destroyed

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    Greetings to All:

    My Top Ten Reasons That The USA Will Be Destroyed is here. Reason #11 was presented in Post #11 of that Topic, which we will explore again here.

    11. The USA is worthy of destruction for allowing 20 to 30 Million Illegal Alien Foreign Nationals to run around loose EVERYWHERE ‘displacing’ U.S. Workers from identities and JOBS.

    Americans are SO STUPID (I am embarrassed) for allowing corrupt politicians and Open Border Lobby Corporations to spread their Open Border Lobby Disinformation Propaganda. The current Financial Meltdown from escalating unemployment and foreclosures and bankruptcies has NOTHING to do with banks or risky loans or any such NONSENSE.

    The #1 reason for all of these problems has everything to do with 'Worker Displacement' (link) by far too many Foreign Nationals (legal and illegal) stealing JOBS from US Citizens. One U.S. Employer 'hires' just one Illegal Alien Foreign National and 'one' U.S. Citizen is 'displaced' from his JOB. That one U.S. Citizen THEN must go out and 'displace' yet another American Worker from his JOB and the 'displacement cycle' continues running rampant up and down the socioeconomic pyramid of our Illegal Alien Nation Society. Multiply that 'displacement process' by 20 to 30 MILLION and perhaps you can see WHY so many American Workers are losing their homes and going into foreclosure 'and' failing to pay their local property/school taxes.

    You cannot raise the taxes on a 'displaced' U.S. Worker, when an Illegal Alien Foreign National has his JOB!!! NAFTA Offshoring of the U.S. Manufacturing Base and 'Outsourcing' of service sector JOBS adds to the 'worker displacement' cycle that sends more Americans into the unemployment line and onto the food stamp/welfare rolls at the very same time that unscrupulous American Employers are hiring Illegal Aliens that send our money south of the border by the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars. However, we have been through ALL of this before in 1986 and up to 3 MILLION Illegal Aliens were given Illegal Amnesty (Wiki), under the condition that we NEVER do this again!

    The Corrupt-To-The-Core Congress and the Bought-And-Paid-For Obama Regime refuse to ENFORCE the perfectly good Immigration and Employment Laws already on the books! These crooks in the White House and both Houses of Congress have no credibility at all. None! The Obama Regime is supposed to be ENFORCING the Immigration and Employment Laws 'and' Congress is supposed to be providing Congressional Oversight to ensure that the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Wiki again). Since nobody is enforcing our current laws, then Congress CANNOT be trusted to create a new set of laws that nobody is going to enforce! We The Sheeple MUST force Congress and the Obama Regime into enforcing our current Immigration and Employment Laws AT THE WORKPLACE, or America will continue to be overrun by a literal ocean of Illegal Alien Foreign Nationals currently destroying our Western Way of life.

    Arizona is on the right track in passing the recent Immigration Law (link) by making it Illegal to be in Arizona Illegally. Everyone should remember that 25 U.S. Citizens are killed EVERY DAY by Illegal Aliens (12 by murder) and everyone harboring, aiding and abetting Illegal Aliens is an accomplice to MURDER by people that are NOT even supposed to be here. Los Angeles Approving a Boycott of Arizona (story), over the passing of this new Immigration Law, amounts to nothing short of aiding and abetting Illegal Alien Foreign Nationals running around loose in California. This is a case of Americans condoning the killing of 25 Americans EVERY DAY to ensure that California Employers continue to have their Illegal Alien Labor Pool to undercut the competition.

    Allowing just anyone to cross our borders in the middle of the night to come here and steal American JOBS and identities and LIVES is reason #11 that the USA will certainly be utterly destroyed from the face of the earth. Americans are just too STUPID to continue living as free men under laws that nobody is going to enforce ...


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    america is defenitely being destroyed.its right on front of everybodys faces but they refuse to see it.Obama was the perfect puppet for them to put in place to expand what Bush got started.

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