Reality is sickening

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    Here is where America is:

    "I think using a picture of the Towers falling as an avatar is even more sickening. People are dying there. It's a pretty nasty thing to show at every message. How can you be perceptive on one hand and not on the other? It's very strange."

    If you can't see the south tower exploding while the north tower is burning, its not your eyes -- see a shrink.

    This crime is on film. The entire media flew down to the WTC the minute the first plane hit the north tower. Proving the explosive devices were rigged way before 911 is based on prima facie evidence. Only the delusional can deny the evidence.

    Until America deals with this crime by arresting George Bush, Larry Silverstein, Condi Rice, the entire 911 Commission, the media that purposely misled the UNITED STATES OF ASSHOLES, and more -- America will continue spiraling into its bottomless pit.

    Read this::: Screwed Again

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