Real Medical Non-Payer's Rush The Victims Off To Spago's(?)!

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    On the one hand, according to the Supreme Justices, there is no obligation to rescue a blind person from the path of an on-rushing car. On the other hand, there does arise the problem of just what to with poor, dumb, sonofa(womandoggyword): After the fact.

    Spago's is the Answer!

    Spago Beverly Hills :: Wolfgang Puck Seasonal American Restaurant

    They are, now, in fact: Everywhere. Even though medical insurance plans are not now known to offer coverage: It is known that the President of the United States does regularly block traffic on the Westside of Los Angeles, and generally at the Hour of the Rush(?)! It is not known if we have a "Rush" hour in Los Angeles, especially anymore. It is widely known that The Obama Administration has legislative accomplishments, on the books: In contrast.

    So what does a non-health plan payer do with a health plan payer who is a victim? Clearly, to avoid any pretense of government imposed obligation, then no medical technologies of any kind are allowed to be accessed, in Modern Supreme Court land. There is "Conservative" contention in support of that. No person non-paying is construed to be a part of the medical technologies market, and no obligation to pay for medical technoogies can therefore be imposed--According to Conservatives! They are of no consequence in health providing, injury or accident treatment, or in containment: Even of terrorist-imposed biological warfare.

    Former Senator Santorum is in favor of Obama-styled refundable tax credits to even pay for health plans that cross state lines. Venice Beach has such plans in abundance, along the famous one-mile beachwalk: At least a dozen or more medical marijuana dispensaries. Those are also so far not regarded among the widely accessed, interstate medical technology locations, staffed with medical providers, that people generally associate with health care. So like the Conservatives seem to contend: Since those should not be paid for, then Venice Beach plans are better!

    Senator Santorum is also not now widely associated with health care plans: Unlike Governor Romney. Hollywood is also not now widely associated with health care plans--except the more upper middle class participants, and their plans.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Just because you live here, doesn't mean you pay here(?)! Go to preparers, instead(?)!)

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