Reagan/Bush Amnesty Agenda an Economic Catastrophe

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    "We all know the consequences of this first great amnesty bill and those that followed: millions more illegal immigrants were lured into the U.S. in hopes of future amnesties (many to agonizing deaths in the desert), flooding the unskilled labor pool and reducing minorities and legal immigrants to poverty and economic desperation. Meanwhile, to no one's surprise, border security was neglected, and Big Business, in the pursuit of cheap labor and high profits, vigorously resisted all attempts at immigration job enforcement, particularly any means of enforcement, which would actually work to preserve jobs for minorities and legal immigrants, such as e-verify.

    In the 1970s, for example, office buildings in Los Angeles hired union workers as janitors, paying high wages and substantial health and other benefits. Thengreedy businessmen thirsty for cheap labor and high profits began to hire independent contractors who in turn hired illegal immigrants. Within a year, wages were cut by two-thirds and benefits were eliminated."

    Robert Hardaway: Reagan/Bush Amnesty Agenda an Economic Catastrophe for Minorities and Legal Immigrants


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