Re; schools need resources to meet student’s needs.

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    Schools need resources to meet student needs | Reno Gazette-Journal |

    That is easier said then done with the budget cuts.

    When I was in school in the 50s there were two classes in the same grade. One of low functioning or slow learners and another for high functioning or fast learners and classes were not as large as they are now. Sometime teachers taught several grades. My mother the only teachers in a one room church taught grades 1-8 and the class was not as large as some are today. My daughter in an Los Angeles high school in a class of 60 and she cannot see the blackboard are hear the teacher most of the time. Now teachers have large classes of low functioning, high functioning and non-English speaking children and we expect them to succeed in their jobs when it is virtually impossible.
    I have a grand-daughter with special needs and from the age of 6 months me daughter took charge and got the best education she could get for her. She did not accept what was available but got what she needed to succeed and she continue to work after 23 years. Parents has to take responsibility. Education do not end with the school day but should continue in the home. It do take a neighborhood to raise a child. That’s how it was when I was a child.
    With budget cuts in education teachers laid off, funding cut and large classes, and four day school, the future of our children look hopeless and most of them are hopeless.
    We are worried about balancing the budget on the backs of our children? Education, healthcare and services for the elderly and poor should not have the budget balanced at their expense. The elderly have paid their dues and our children will have to pay theirs. But how is that going to be possible with the odds piled up against them. Obtaining their American Dream is like chasing the wind when budget cut are turning away student in higher education. Because of Gov. Sandoval of Nevada, cuts to higher education, and I quote; “higher education face having to turned away 20,000 students.”
    Nevada college system: budget loss almost half of expectation | Reno Gazette-Journal |
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    It's terrible what some teachers pay out of pocket for classroom materials. The Mrs. must have forked out $1k during her 3 years of teaching 2nd graders.
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    60 in a class!?!?!


    Parents need to start paying attention to what these computers can do and in some cases ignore what some of these teachers are saying. I think some of them are selecting equipment because they think it best serves the educational bureaucracy. Don't you think the computer manufacturers can figure that out?

    There is more free SOFTWARE for Windows and therefore netbooks than tablets or the iPad. So if $300 netbooks cost less than the iPad then why are so many educators pro-iPad?

    Celestia: Home


    Solve Elec - Educational software


    So there is material available at very low cost once a kid has the computer. The problem is that there is so much worthless junk on the net too.

    The Pirates of Ersatz, a novel by Murray Leinster

    Chapter 1 [Murray Leinster's Novel: Pirates of Ersatz]

    That story was nominated for the Hugo Award.

    It is so absurd that the US has not had a National Recommended Reading List organized by age for the last 50 years. But most likely publishing companies would not like it even if it did improve the educations of millions of children. Such a list might affect the sales of millions of books. But now we have the Internet and public domain books. What are publishers going to make of that?

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