Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship- Part 2

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    What if your goal was to redistribute the wealth of America? Wouldn't it be
    a great thing if you knew there was a well with problems 5000 ft under the
    gulf of mexico, and people with money would lose a lot of money if the
    well blew out.If you just sold your shares in the company, and told no one,
    it would really take wealth away from the " haves" wouldn't it?

    Well here we see the holdings that obama had in vanguard

    Here we see that on 3-31st, Vanguard sold 1.4 million shares of BP prior to
    the announvement of the blowout.
    Shareholders Selling BP BP Plc ADR including Fund and Institutional
    That saved the kenyan's butt. How much? I have no idea. These people seem to think it
    was a lot:
    TWAWKI Obama to make $85 million from BP disaster?

    maybe this isn't documentation to you, but it's closer than you will
    get in the future.Google " SEC now exempt from FOI requests? The kenyan buried this in the 2000 page
    finance bill he signed recently. The SEC no longer has to honor freedom of information requests? How
    transparent is that? Just another lie from the trash in the oval office who
    promised to open things up. That's pretty ratty in itself but that's another story.

    It's important to note the cozy relationship between Goldman Sachs and the
    Obama administration. According to McClatchy, while Goldman Sachs was under
    fire from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and their lawyers were in
    negotiations with the regulatory agency, Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein was a
    repeated visitor to the White House. He attended events with Obama and met
    with Larry Summers, Obama's top economic advisor. Obama's 2008 campaign benefited
    from $994,795 worth of campaign donations from Goldman employees and their
    relatives.[10] The Gulf disaster, coming on the heels of the Congressional
    hearing and SEC "investigation," served to distract attention from the ongoing
    financial fraud and economic meltdown caused by Goldman and others.

    Now how about a very big rat? That would be Goldman Sachs.They sold BP
    stock short just days before the blowout, and made a fortune as
    the price of the stock dropped.How does making 250 million dollars sound?
    Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story
    I wonder what they knew the day before.
    Was the well already leaking but had not exploded yet?

    Isn't it funny how goldman sachs manages to sell stock short in a timely manner
    It turns out that Goldman Sachs really did place shorts on TransOcean
    stock days before the explosions rocked the rig in the Gulf of Mexico
    sending stocks plunging while GS profits soared -- benefitting once
    again from a huge disaster, having done the same with airline stocks
    prior to 911 then again with the housing bubble.
    No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico

    Quite a few rats left in this story. They will be discussed in Part 3

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