Rasmussen: McCain Up in Florida and Ohio

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    From Rasmussen:


    A new Fox News/Rasmussen Poll -- see it here -- has John McCain leading Barack Obama in Florida by 1 percentage point, 49 percent to 48 percent. That's within the survey's margin of error, meaning it's a statistical dead heat.

    Still, the numbers have got to be a tad worrisome to the Obama campaign, which had been ahead by as much as 7 points.

    "Support for the GOP nominee is at the highest level in the past five polls of the state. Last week, Obama held a 51% to 46% lead. He led by seven points in the Fox/Rasmussen poll the week before," according to the poll summary.


    Republican John McCain has reclaimed a 2-point Ohio lead in the latest Rasmussen poll, and his 49 points is the highest in more than a month. But the survey's analysis warns: "itÂ’s hard to classify Ohio as anything but a pure toss-up."

    Democrat Barack Obama was up by 2 points a week ago.

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