Random Drug Testing should be required by federal legislation and order

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    to include all businesses, where as it would be law that they are to implement upon ones emloyeeship within a company, random drug test, as well as it should be with EBT/foodstamp or welfare recipients, that to be required of those recipients as well... This will dry up the ability and means for people to aquire drugs from drug dealers, and thus dry up the illegal drug trade once and for all in this nation.

    How this hasn't been the case or law as of yet, just tells me how many people in high places in this nation, are involved in the drug trade and the exploitation of children & young adults in that trade, amongst other bad stuff that is found linked to this sort of thing in these areas of life in America today. :eusa_pray:

    Truck drivers are required to get random drug test always, as a condition of their employment, as so does other companies and government jobs require the same, but I say extend it to all who are eligible to work, and also to those who are on government assistance programs as well. How would anyone be able to buy and use illegal drugs, if this were the case in this nation?
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