Rally for Rifqa

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    Islam In Action: Rally for Rifqa! Monday November 16Th

    I just about cry when I hear this story and I think about the Moslem in Arizona who ran over his daughter with a jeep and murdered her for being to western, they just caught this peice of shit, he fled like a coward to england and got sent atlanta where authorities captured the low life.

    How about 17 year-old Sarah Yaser Said, and 18 year-old Amina Yaser Said, killed by their father, this happened in texas.

    I may have the oppurtunity to go to the rally, I just travelled to pittsburgh and may be off so if I can I will go to this rally. I hope some moslems show up, in support of the traditions and culture of the USA that beleive all men and woman are created equal.
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