Raiders coach Cable tries to choke assistant

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    Among other things, Hanson has provided the authorities with medical records reflecting not that he has a broken facial bone, but that he has a broken jaw.

    According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Hanson is "back in the hospital" due to swelling in the jaw. Citing an unnamed source close to Hanson, Silver reports that Cable "is definitely" responsible for the injury, and that Cable "had to be pulled off of [Hanson] two times."

    Per Biggs, who also cites an unnamed source, "Cable knocked Hanson out of his chair and up against the wall and into a cabinet. Cable and Hanson fell to the floor, where Hanson was choked, . . . and Cable was pulled off Hanson by the other men before Cable went after Hanson again."

    Cable allegedly said while allegedly choking Hanson, "I am going to kill you, I am going to kill you."

    In our view, it's possible that Hanson's decision to push the issue was influenced by Cable's effort to pretend that nothing happened, as explained on ESPN by Cable's former college teammate, Mark Schlereth: "I talked to Tom, and he said, 'This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no truth to any of these things that are going out and flying around. He does not know how it has gotten to this point.' But he basically told me, 'Listen, no punches were thrown.' Obviously, at this time of the year, in camp, you're gonna have some heated discussions. And that's what went down here."

    Silver also details a series of other similar incidents within the Raiders organization during recent years. As to Hanson, Silver confirms widespread suspicision that Hanson is regarded by other members of the coaching staff as the "eyes and ears" of owner Al Davis, and Silver explains that Hanson might be moved to the personnel department by Davis as a result of the most recent incident.

    As to Cable, his ultimate fate remains up in the air. But if a league-implemented investigation corroborates Hanson's allegations, the NFL will have no choice but to take action against Cable.

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