Radicalization among american muslims.

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    We are holding hearings on the “Extent of Radicalization Among American Muslims” and not on the extent of radicalization among Mexican Americans and aliens. And on KKK, White Supremacist and other radical white Christian hate groups that has been terrorizing Black, Jews and Catholics for a hundred years.

    Radicalization among Mexican Americans and aliens have killed more Americans, raped more children than radical Muslims and has formed gangs, drugs dealers and drug cartels. All operating within our borders and far more of a threat than American Muslims or radical Muslims. When are we going to hold hearing on and investigate Mexican Americans and illegal aliens which in one of the same and cannot be separated.

    Mexican Americans and illegal liens in Orange County Calif has been warned against cooperating with law enforcement without an attorney present by Rep. Loretta Sanchez. This send the message that they have something to hide. It is a fact that Mexican Americans are harboring and aiding gangs, drug dealers and drug cartels. So are churches and religious leaders. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) Has been caught in multiply scandals; sex and voter fraud.

    When are we going to have hearings on the radicalization among Mexican Americans and illegal aliens and their association with gangs, drug dealers and drug cartels?

    Obama got the majority of Mexican American votes because of his support of amnesty.

    Peter King, Obama and Sanchez need to be investigated.

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