Radical right wingnuts hate children

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    GOP Governors has a record of attacking teachers and children (and the elderly an poor) to balance their state budgets. Pawlenty did it on the backs of children, elderly, disabled and the poor and still not have a balance budget.

    Gov. Sandoval of Nevada is trying to balance the budget by cutting services to children, elderly and the poor at the same time pushing education. This is about senseless as anything can get.

    Just where would the students of the proposed Dream Act fit in when 20,000 students are turned away? Not to mention elementary school cuts. Cut funding, laying of teachers, larger classrooms, continued vouchers for private school and continued English speaking class for children of illegal aliens

    Nevada college system: budget loss almost half of expectation
    Jun. 7, 2011

    Nevada's public higher education system ducked half a bullet this legislative year after lawmakers decided that its state funding would be cut by 15 percent instead of 29 percent this biennium.
    Facing a loss that is almost half what was expected will lessen the impact on the state's campuses, Chancellor Dan Klaich said. But it still means a reduction of $85 million in operating funds next year that will have to be offset by a 13 percent hike in tuition, more layoffs and fewer classes and programs.
    Under Gov. Brian Sandoval's proposed 29 percent cut, higher education faced having to turn away 20,000 students and laying off about 1,500 employees, he said.

    Nevada college system: budget loss almost half of expectation | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com

    154 employees to take Washoe County School District buyouts Jun. 7, 2011
    The district faces about $106 million in state budget cuts, which could mean increased class sizes in local elementary schools and postponed textbook purchases, Superintendent Heath Morrison announced Friday. In addition to saving on salaries, the incentives program prevents layoffs, Stauss said.
    While the incentives will mean fewer layoffs, if any, for the district, it also creates a "brain drain" where experienced employees leave and less-experienced ones take their place, Stauss said.

    154 employees to take Washoe County School District buyouts | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com

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