Racism in America is big but not wide spread

Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by miami_thomas, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I have been to other countries and I can tell you there is just as much racism in other countries but it is not made into a big deal. But in America the left do just like they do. They create the evil. Whether it is the rich, insurance, banks, etc…. Well another evil is the Man. The white man is the reason blacks are poor. Then when something happens like this Zimmerman who is a WHITE Hispanic is used by the left to say see it still exists. The whites are out to get you. The whites want to destroy you and kill your children and if you want to save them you need to vote Democrat. Then they produce polls that say whites feel the Zimmerman story is being reported too much to say see they are against you. The reason racism is big in the US is because the Democrats need it to be.

    I’m not saying that if not for the left that racism would disappear. Racism will always exist it just would fade as not such a big deal. Don’t tell me the Zimmerman case has nothing to do with race because that is all it is. There is almost an exact same kind of story in Arizona where an African-American man shot a Hispanic in self defense. The Hispanic family is saying it was not self defense but you don’t hear it being blasted on every news agency because it does not support the evil white man theme. As long as the left has a voice we will have the evils that they say is out there. The evil doctors stealing you kids tonsils. The evil insurances killing everybody to save one or two dollars.

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