Rabbit struck by car

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    A Catholic priest, a wiccan priestess, and an atheist are about to attend a multi-faith conference. They decide to carpool in the priest's sedan but, as they're driving along an isolated road through the forest, a rabbit suddenly leaps out in front of the car, and the priest can't stop in time. He brings the car to a stop as soon as he can, and the three get out to see if the rabbit escaped injury. On closer inspection, the rabbit seems to have been killed by the impact.

    "I have some holy water in my car," the priest declares. "Perhaps I can save this poor rabbit." He runs back to the car to fetch the holy water, which he sprinkles on the rabbit while he crosses himself and prays for a resurrection. Sadly, the rabbit remains as dead as ever.

    The wiccan priestess then says, "I know a spell that might bring the rabbit back to the land of the living." She proceeds to gather some leaves, gets some of her beads and incense from the car, and recites the incantation. Still, nothing seems to have any effect.

    Meanwhile, the atheist has gone back to the car and returned with a small, plastic bottle. "If anything can help the rabbit, this will," he announces. The priest and priestess stand back while he opens the bottle, pouring its contents on the rabbit. Within a few seconds, the rabbit springs up, completely healed, and runs away.

    "God bless you, my son," says the priest. "If I may ask, what did you have in that bottle."

    "Rogaine," answered the atheist.


    "Yes. It's a hare restorer."

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