Rabbi Is Wrong: Banning Drugs Doesn't Get Rid of Crime

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    Rabbi said "Most violent crimes involve drugs. Get rid of drugs, get rid of lots of crime. Pretty simple, really."

    This statement is utterly false and ignores blatant facts. Most violent crimes occur BECAUSE drugs are illegal. Why? Because:

    - Outlawing drugs creates an unregulated black market.

    - Violence occurs because of things that happen in illegal drug deals. Just like the prohibition of alcohol created a black market, violence, and unsafe homemade alcohol practices. Now that alcohol is legal, you don't see people killing eachother over alcohol and cigarettes do you? No. Don't be fvckin retarded. And as Jesse Ventura said, I know a lotta people who get drunk and beat their wife, but he doesn't know very many people who get high and beat their wife. If you're thinking, well what about heroin and cocain, the fact is laws don't prevent people from doing heroin and cocaine. People who are crazy enough to break laws and do heroin are the only ones who will be doing heroin. Those that don't care to break laws to try heroin will probably never will try heroin regardless of legal status. That's just being realistic.

    - Drug cartels profit the most because drug laws direct most business to these drug cartels. If drugs were legal, all the drug cartels would be out of business because the private sector would put them out of business.

    - The notion that drugs should be illegal is antithetical to liberty. You can't save people from themselves nor can you tell them what to do with their body and what they can eat. If I want to eat magic mushrooms, that's my business and no one can tell me otherwise. Should the government also outlaw kitchen silverware because we might stab our eyes out? No. Should the government outlaw aspirin because someone might overdose on it? Should we outlaw McDonalds because it makes people unhealthily overweight? Should we outlaw swimming pools because children drown?

    If you answered no, then why should the government outlaw a virtually harmless substance like marijuana? You can't kill yourself with marijuana, but you can kill yourself with a fork or a plastic bag.

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    Rabbi is wrong about MANY things.
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