Question for an Architect or Engineer

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    Question for an Architect or Engineer

    I acquired 16 used steel roof trusses & 32 large used 40'+ long 16"+ diameter telephone poles. I got this stuff real cheap & wanted to build a 50'W X 150'L X 16'H lean to shelter tin roof. It will be pole barn style 7' in the ground & slope from 16' high on one side down to 14' high on the other side. That's a real low 2' in 50' slope. I need to be around 20-lb snow load & 80-mph wind.

    According to the picture of trusses below they are Warren Style Flat Trusses. They are 24" Tall & 50' Long. The top & bottom cords/members are made from double 2"X2" angled steel 3/16" thick welded 1 on each side of the 7/8" steel rod webbing.

    I need to know what kind of dead load & live snow load one of these trusses can hold so I figure out how apart I can space them. I also wanted to span a 50' opening on one side with a steel beam that would carry the load of 1 end of these trusses. I need to figure out how large of a steel beam I need.

    Any help or advice on figuring steel truss & beam pounds per linear foot loading would be greatly appreciated.

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