Putin's regime in Russia, look from inside a country

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    There is need to understand that Putin regime is very strong and he do not need at all support of people in Moscow or rest of the country to rule.
    He has police
    He has governors of districts whom he appoints(like your senators),
    He has TV, no appositive program on any country wide channel, every news program praise him
    He has loyal courts, no one court make decision against Putin. Just see what is happened with Pussy riots group, Group made a crime that is punished by fine. But they use the prosecution that allows jail them for 6 years. And they are already in jail.
    He has a lot of moneys. Moneys need for his United Russia party where a lot of people go for some nice rewards and political career as Putin’s supporters and also to bribe. It maybe elections commissions and others whose service he needs.

    What is real Putin’s support? Despite all lie they do there is still some signs that allows see it. There were parliament elections in December. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C2%FB%E1%EE%F0%FB_%E2_%C3%EE%F1%F3%E4%E0%F0%F1%F2%E2%E5%ED%ED%F3%FE_%E4%F3%EC%F3_%282011%29

    I have read in a blog
    “First, it is worth noting that the only one of Russia’s regions in which Putin failed to secure a majority of the vote was Moscow.”

    Look on results for regions for United Russia, Putin’s party. Many people outside Russia think Moscow has the least support for Putin. Look, Putin’s Party has 29% in Yarolsavskay oblast, many regions have 30-35%, and how much people like Putin’s party in moscow ? 61,7% ! That is a strike! There is one more sign. Liningradskay oblast and their center – Sankt-Peterburg they have 33,5% and 33,7% for United Russia. It is next important city after Moscow. Moscowskay oblast and it center of - Moscow they have 32,5 and 61,7% ! What the difference! I live in Moskovskay oblast and work in Moscow. There should be difference like Liningraskay oblast and Sankt-Peterburg.

    There was relative fair elections in December in my town. Putin’s party got 23% on them. And then came March I have made movie what the elections we had in March. I uploaded yesterday first part of movie. I will upload second part today or tomorrow.

    Why regions had 30% of Putin’s support in December?

    Governor of Vologodskay oblast (33%) Vechaslav Pozlagaev told that “Punish governor for bad results it is to recognize the governor shall use administrative power. For what punish? For he did not falsify the elections? If he did not use his administrative power - for this I think there should not be a punishment. It was my own decision. I can say, there is need to lose gallantly”

    Why Moscow have 61,7%? Have you heard about Lujkov, mayor of Moscow who was mayor in Moscow for 18 years. He always have won elections for this posts. People always voted for him. A year before elections in December he was removed by Putin with very strange words “he lost his trust”. I thought that Putin wants his man standing in head of Moscow and to change flow of moneys that is go through Lujkov hands. And only now I found Lujkov letter he wrote a day before his resign.

    Here this letter.

    The most interesting part is on second page. I translate it. “You need another Mayor of Moscow who will be “yours”. Lujkov is independent and self-reliant. There is need early prepare for big elections and better appoint another one. That is understandable.”

    He understood this year ago, we – only now, when it becomes too late. Sobanin, is a man of Putin and he is new mayor who heavily pressed population of Moscow to make 61 % while in those regions where governors do not go to falsifications(like moskovskay oblast, vologodskay oblast) United Russia receives 30-35%. After Parliament elections some those governors were removed, some were reprimanded. They have removed from electoral commissions persons who oppose frauds. I have seen movie about woman who told how she was pressed to make frauds in December and how she refused. In March she was not taken into election commission. They made elections in December and then polished everything. There is no regions pro-Putin or anti Putin. The Putin support is almost the same 25-35% everywhere. The only difference is if governor falsify or do not falsify election. That is why such close regions like Moscow and Moskovskay oblast had so much difference in December. After December those who not falsified were removed or made to do this.

    And web cameras it is genius idea. Almost everyone in Russia understood that it is a show with cameras. They need them to show the world that elections is fair. We have web-cameras so everything is fair. Real frauds happens where there is no web cameras. It happens when busses with unknown people appears. And no one has right to know who they are. They appears by bus, votes, and go away by bus. Who they were no one knows. Frauds after votes ends. When they finish a voting reports. There were a lot of reports from observers concerning this. That is not spotted by web cameras. You can see how they increased population of my town in the movie. That is not spotted by web cameras.

    They leaved one more sign of real Putin support. Battle of Yaroslavl. 1st April was election of mayor of Yaroslavl. They did not expected that such elections becomes so important. They have Putin candidate and one who opposed him. The United Russia candidate was supported by current mayor of Yaroslavl and governor of district. He had very good government support. They saw they could lose this battle. 10 days before elections candidate of united Russia was appointed well very hard to translate, something like a vice-mayor. That was a panic of Putin followers. Yaroslavl became symbol of resistance. 200 observers from Moscow go there to make elections fairs. It was not elections of mayor it was fight between Putin and Russia. All - Jirinovski supporters, Zuganov’s, even Prohorov’s the most loyal to Putin candidate, they all united and gave support for anti-Putin candidate. Putin’s candidate who was member of united Russia , has support of current mayor, governor, was made something like vice-mayor, got 30% votes. The same as united Russia got in December. They did not expected that elections of mayor in one city becomes so much important and was not prepared until it was too late. Opposition candidate Urlashov got 70%, they failed to make frauds there, too small voting places, too much observers. Now they are going to fix this fault. They are talking about making two days in year where all elections shall be made. If elections of mayor were made during President elections people from buses voted for Putin’s candidate and Uralshov would lose. It is far easier to make frauds two times in year, than every month.
    Definitely Putin has huge support 30% of Russia is several millions but 2/3 country is against him. But protest in Russia can not change anything. He just smile and continue be President.

    So I have questions. If people of USA and western Europe know that Putin’s real votes were 30% and others 30% he made by frauds. What happens afterwards?Will Obama continue talks with him? Is there way to make international isolation for Putin? Will Obama shake hands still with him? Will Obama make any deals with such person? Will Putin became second Lukashenko, president of Belarus. Whom no one wants to have any deals. Or Russia is too important for USA and West, and you have too much interests in our country, like big market, resources, international politics(if he got recognition with such elections he can be more soft in some areas) and USA government do not want to make bad relations with him even if President of Russia cheated by 30% during elections. What about people of USA. Can they force president and government stop having deals with Putin. If people of USA know how the President of Russia won this elections and why our people so much protest can they force Obama not to shake hands with Putin and stop any contacts with him? Can Obama stop them because of fear to lose elections in USA because he supports dictator. If they know he does not differs from North Korea leaders or Saddam Husein, can they force their president and government stop supporting Putting and having deals with him. That question is very important because I think that is only one way which Russian people can overthrew Putin – via international isolation. If no one respected leader speak with him, if no one visit his meetings, if Putin see he has no international support, every western leader spit on him, also he has no inner country support then he maybe resign. What do you think all about this?

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