Putin U.S. Down

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    Putin U.S. Down
    By Jay D. Homnick for Jewish World Review
    May 13, 2005

    With all Americans, we have been watching with interest the latest wrangling between Bush and Putin. Here is the Cliff Notes version of recent events.

    In February Bush smiled at Putin and spanked him publicly about fizzling democracy in Russia. The next day Putin sold sizzling nuclear rods to Iran. Now the bell seems to have rung for Round Two. Bush is heading to the capitals of Georgia and Latvia to celebrate their democracy, a sort of backhand slap to Russia from whom those republics gained their freedom. Putin is striking back by venting on Sixty Minutes. And so the fretful mothers-in-law of the punditocracy wonder about the health of the marriage. (Quiz Question: what is the capital of Georgia? Hey, which wise guy said Atlanta?)

    These concerns need not preoccupy us overly. Who says that every Presidential trip to Russia needs to be for a conjugal visit? We already have Britain and Israel as our trustiest allies; let Russia play it lukewarm if they wish. Not every alliance needs to turn into a great historic partnership...

    But this Putin interview on Sixty Minutes is too compelling to pass over. Like a train wreck in the middle of the "Bridge to the 21st Century", it turns our necks into rubber. What a feat of diplomatic perversity! Going to Mike Wallace to critique the Federalist Papers?! This is really red meat. Let us sit back and enjoy the fare.


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