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    Pre-election Time Capsule Uncorked
    by: Irene Warren, November 07, 2008

    As pundits everywhere Monday-morning-quarterback the presidential election, the pre-game analysis of at least one analyst gives a startlingly accurate picture of what came to pass.

    With the 2008 Presidential Election drawing near to a close, the Brookings Institution hosted its ’08 Project with Princeton University last week. A group of undecided voters had Barack Obama and John McCain hard at work to pick up additional votes in battleground states, such as Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Iowa, explained Anthony Corarado, nonresident Senior Fellow of Governance Studies. “If you look in those six states, Obama has 345 field offices , at the time I counted,” Corrado said. “McCain and the Republican Parties of those states have 177. That gives you some idea of the difference in scope on the ground.”

    Further, Corrado argued, “I think the final stategic advantage is, obviously, in the the advertising campaign. And there’s been a lot of discussion in the press and in the public about the fact that Obama has been able to outspend senator McCain two-to-one over the airwaves.”

    Pre-election Time Capsule Uncorked

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