Psychological Warfare: Donald's Diorama

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    This is a TrumpUSA 'thesis' inspired by the film City of Industry.

    It's dedicated to President Trump.

    Signing off,



    "The world is governed by commerce and networking. My name is Deadpool, and I'm a vigilante-ninja writing this 'warfare-thesis' regarding modernism for U.S. President Donald Trump so he can present it at the next PyeongChang trade-summit between the Koreas. Capitalism is a competitive grid, but it creates 'pockets' of spontaneous profiteerism and hence piracy. This is the nature of 'psychological warfare' in modern civilization and understanding it helps us better address issues regarding the 'value' of commerce and hence trade-treaties. This is a 'Diorama for Donald.' Welcome to this 'lesson'."


    "Imagine an L.A. corrupted by martial law necessities because of an uncontrollable race-riot unseen in history; so it's much worse than the Riots of 1992 (Rodney King). Such a city sees even more looting by anarchic bandits bent on thievery, exploiting the lawlessness on the streets fueled by wildfire-protesters utterly disgusted by with TrumpUSA consumerism/capitalism. Security-forces liberally arrest wild rogues wielding bats, axes, and pistols. This is not inconceivable in a modern civilization 'blanketed' by profiteers. President Trump was himself a capitalism-baron before turning to politics. This is a 'mercenary-sensibility world'."


    "Media gods, celebrities, are diplomats of these capital grids and info-exchange 'highways.' They might as well be superheroes such as the Flash or Green Lantern, speeding fashion/trends and lighting the way to great consumerism daydreams (e.g., Planet Hollywood). We saw the devastation of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and now everyone's conscious of the need for 'extra-human' perception/cognition of macro-psychology. What governs basic human shoppers?"


    "A deranged serial-killer post-office worker named Stan pulls out a machine-gun and walks into an L.A. shopping-mall and fires away. When he's on the electric-chair awaiting the death penalty, he smirks at the cameras and explains that he's merely a 'messenger' of bureaucracy-frustration. Suddenly, we all realize (even me, the great Deadpool!) that modern-day 'psychos' like Stan are eerily...sensitive. Are we becoming crazy about trucks and buses?"


    "I was taught by a great civilization-ninja named Ryu who was my teacher/mentor in the Himalayas. It was he who taught me how to engage this 'modern matrix' of profit-driven grids and sectors that gave rise to pirates, crime-syndicates, tycoons, mob-bosses, villains, femme-fatales, rogue vigilantes, and corrupt politicians. Ryu even taught me about computers and algorithm-securities designed to ward off terrorist-hackers trying to break into the CIA's networks. Ryu explained to me that fighting modernism mania requires complete coordination of aesthetics (e.g., GQ) and bravado (e.g., Interpol). I took his teachings to help me rally patriots/forces against terrorist groups such as ISIS and Cobra, forces trying to invade America from Canada and Mexico. It's a pirate-epileptic world that President Donald Trump inherited."


    "While in the field, I recruited patriots known as 'G.I. Joes' to assist me. I had to manage their egos, since this modern psychological/muscular warfare requires a complete obedience to values regarding self-sacrifice and guerrilla-marketing. This sort of engagement requires exercises in great teamwork and choreography, because if you fail, you get swallowed by a shadow-legion of relentless 'gamblers'."


    "A civil journalist in this new era might analyze the sociological impact of networking-activities such as Facebook and lifestyle-resources such as WikiTravel and All of this 'activity' creates a good deal of imagination regarding labor and sloth, of vanity and bureaucracy, compelling us to constantly evaluate principles regarding efficiency tempered by human fatigue. Without such contemplation, waging 'psychological warfare' to ensure that we remain dolphins ahead of sharks is completely futile."


    "The Christian Bible states that at the End of Days, the mysterious Harlot of Babylon will rise to social prominence to seduce humanity away from civics, preparing the way for the ominous AntiChrist to bring forth deadly omens of self-gratification. Such a 'villainess' would capture the imagination of youngsters fascinated by images/stories of fantastic 'avatars' wrestling with a new age of toys, tech, territories, and theology. It's no surprise that comic book 'anti-heroines' such as Poison Ivy (an eco-terrorist), Catwoman (a rogue vigilante), Pythona (an eco-terrorist), and Black Cat (an urban thief) remind youngsters of the value of modern 'democratic edification'."


    "The tools in this 'psychological warfare' that intrigues U.S. President Donald Trump, my good friend, include colorful water-rifles, toys marketed to a wide variety of kids in America who embrace all the 'thrills' and 'frills' of consumerism without having to be 'burdened' by serious/religious contemplation. These water-rifles are 'perception-magnifiers' that suggest that capitalism-oriented states are by nature governed by the 'aesthetics' of anarchy-sermons (e.g., The People's Court). What would Karl Marx have said about all this 'melodrama'?"


    "Kids love cartoons, and Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon offer kids all kinds of fantastic cartoons about wild-adventures and vigilantes fighting for democracy in the modern city. These programs offer guidance-counselors, hellraisers/monsters, and heroes and gods which exemplify our timeless interest in ethics and virtue. However, if kids enjoy these programs and witness their parents behaving as they're apathetic about Wall Street values, then they might grow up to become...cannibals."


    "A security-force at the Winter Olympics ensures audiences and fans an athletes and coaches that terrorism will not 'sully' the activities of peace-promotional competitive international sports. These security-forces suggest to me that globalization is humbled by considerations about contracts, customs, and care. President Donald Trump has to be the 'Big Brother' of all this 'etiquette' since many consider him a powerful 'capitalism-diplomat' (even his critics!). In other words, all this modernism psychological warfare is largely-defined by creativity. Is that good or bad?"


    TRUMP: Thanks so much, Deadpool, for this 'civilization diorama.'
    DEADPOOL: I consider it a 'Christian achievement,' Mr. President.
    TRUMP: You helped coordinate the G.I. Joes against Cobra!
    DEADPOOL: That was absolutely necessary...
    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (TV)?
    DEADPOOL: I prefer Wheel of Fortune!
    TRUMP: I suppose then that 'psyche-warfare' in capitalism requires humility.
    DEADPOOL: Of course; watching TV and surfing the Internet requires focus.
    TRUMP: What do you make of the MTV Generation?
    DEADPOOL: It's sort of like...a ballet-dance.
    TRUMP: This was a 'Traffic-Tribulation' (Los Angeles Race Riots, 9/11, Enron, etc.).
    DEADPOOL: Don't forget about the Boston Marathon bombing as well...
    TRUMP: Thank goodness for down-to-earth journalism!




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