Protests, demos and street violence in Europe...

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    All those protests, demos and street violence in Europe are due to negative impact of Muslim huge migration into European lands. That’s how we generally see it presently. Some experts insist we should just curb Muslim migration flows to solve the problem. I strongly doubt we should stick to this approach only when making "black lists"! Strange as it may seem, I’d rather see same deadly threat (or even bigger one) in immigrants coming from the USA!
    Ye, they are great challenge to our safety in Europe imo. Generally, the USA is mixed salad made of various ethnic and religious components. It used to be a melting pot previously, now it’s not! So for those elements ltheir common way of life in "the most democratic country of the world" is a demo. Perhaps EU hasn’t matured yet to par America far as democracy is concerned but some really habitual things in the USA are seen here as big irritant indeed. Got it?
    There’s smth more to it.... We see all those folks coming from overseas into these lands as "friendly Americans" and we allow them too much here.... just out of respect to our "Big American Brother". And American immigrants are least inclined to get assimilated here.... just like immigrants from Islamic countries.... and even more..... for they feel how we treat them actually! Perhaps they view EU as sort of affiliated comp of a bigger and stronger corporation called the USA!
    In a nutshell, we owe our present problems to the fact we are staying under the impact of some old stereotypes. We should change them now imo, the sooner the better.

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