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    This isn't really political in any sense. The only way it relates to politics is somewhat of an input into the "how should healthcare be delivered/administrated" standpoint and me not wanting to pay for unhealthy people when they could be making better health choices.

    My wife and I have been getting into what proper health looks like, and it's shocking how mislead we've been for so long. The food pyramid is a crock, the idea of calories in/calories out is how you lose weight is total bullshit. All these chronic conditions popping up like obesity, heart disease, diabetes. Learning what i'm learning now, it all makes perfect sense. It's trippy to think about but we as humans are really just condominiums for bacteria and the bacteria control what we eat. Our gut (digestive system) has control over the brain, not the other way around.

    I could get into a lot more detail but won't unless people want to discuss. In the meantime though, i'd highly recommend looking up the following people and listen to some youtube videos they're in talking about topics like restorative/functional medicine, leaky gut, the microbiome and lectin:
    - Steven Gundry
    - Dave Asprey
    - Mark Hyman
    - Eric Edmeades

    If you want to get healthy, both mind and losing weight, i'd highly suggest you check this stuff out. I'm down 5 lbs (+ added muscle) within a couple weeks and feel considerably better in a variety of ways just getting started making some changes. My wife has been at changing her eating habits and lifestyle for a few months now and she's never looked/felt better. It's not a fad, it's not even a "diet", it's a lifestyle change. Start getting healthy (so i don't have to pay for your health care, hehe).

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