Progressive Democrats Have A Deathwish

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The T, Feb 9, 2010.

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    By Primate <Source

    "One of the main reasons the Democrat Party is in trouble is because they basically told the voters they were ignorant and to stupid to know what was good for them. This included many of the most reliable voting blocks there are, like seniors, soccer moms and other groups. Many of these very groups turned out for tea parties in huge numbers.

    Now the Democrat party and the unions plan to compound their mistake and go after the tea party groups.

    This is in affect is going after two thirds of independent voters who according to the polls identify with the tea party movement. Apparently having 75% of the public mad at fed and it's spending isn't good enough, they want to piss everybody off even more.


    Entirely Correct. We are told as the people that make this country work, that we are "too stupid" to know what we want...and the Congress, and the Government knows best...despite our suggestions, our outright INSISTENCE to the contrary.

    And of course the attacks against the TEA PARTIERS...which is a grass roots movement in the spirit of the Founders that took similiar actions.

    Folks? Wake up. Either take action to preserve what Liberty you have left, AND take back what has been taken from you and make Government FEAR YOU, rather than what we see now...(People too SCARED of Government and reprisals FROM Elected Government against the People that elected them)...And that INCLUDES the UNIONS that are Publically UNELECTED.

    It's TIME to screw them for a change by simply saying NO, and reflecting that word by VOTE...

    Point is? The Government had better LEARN the word NO. The People...have said it enough. it's TIME they FEARED US as intended. And that incldes the UNIONS that are in cahoots with BIG GOVERNMENT to take Liberty AWAY from the PEOPLE...

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