Production & Sales of GUTKA in Karachi city should be banned

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    Production & Sales of GUTKA in Karachi city should be banned

    I want to ask express my view point due to uses of GUTKA in Karachi city people usually spit on floor, road which are main reasons to make dirty own city and where you live or works.

    Secondly how hazards and harmful when a person chewing GUTKA never realized. Those who are habit of using GUTKA never keep away single day without use. If those who are taking GUTKA ever watch own eyes how the GUTKA is preparing and later selling in marketing never think to eat but desire not ever ask for Gukta from Pan Shop.

    Those people involved in this business are earning a lot of but never realized what problems will faced by those youth who are taking Gutka but later stage face multiple problems that time no cure or prevention will benefit you.

    I often saw people spitting with mouth full of Gutka to walls and road, never realized who is coming back than all thrown Gutka goes to them and make other peoples cloth dirty due to un-educated and careless peoples act.

    I strong suggest to keep away your office building or residence society neat & clean, free of Gutka spits than impose fine for those who caught eating GUTKA in premises faced fine of RS. 10,000 FOR residence society and for offices building fine should be his services terminated with immediate effect. If such type of law enforce than no people dare to eat Gutka in such places due to fear of real way punishment.

    If any one thing by this banned his job will suffer than those who are engaged and working for promoting & sales of WINE than think they are doing good job but working total against Islam and harming millions people health. According to my knowledge Wine is not banned in Islam but all other religious strict condemn the uses of Wine but more shameful those who are using Wine are doing sin which is he can’t get mercy but faced a extreme level of punishment.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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