Pro-Amnesty Republicans REDUCE Their Hispanic Votes

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    "If 12 million-20 million illegal aliens are amnestied, it can be estimated conservatively that a majority of these new citizens will vote Democrat.

    If there is no amnesty, none of these illegal aliens will vote, period.

    If there is an amnesty, current U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin will vote as they have been voting anyway.

    If there is no amnesty, current U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin will vote as they have been voting anyway"

    Hispanic Congressional Candidate Says Pro-Amnesty Republicans Reduce Their Hispanic Votes | NumbersUSA - For Lower Immigration Levels
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    The reality is, the Republican have been doing "anti-immigrant" policies since the 90s; however, there has not been a reduction in overall Hispanic trends towards Republican ideals (not to mention Republican affiliation). So, really, I'm just tired of all these articles as a matter of course.

    The Pew Hispanic Center, in 2005, took a comprehensive look at Hispanic American views. 77% of American Hispanics oppose abortion. 62% of American Hispanics oppose gay marriage. 48% agree that lowering taxes is the best strategy for encouraging economic growth, as compared to 12% who thought raising taxes is the best strategy.

    In California's Proposition 8 battle over Same-Sex Marriage, the most modest estimates of Hispanic voting patterns indicate 59% in favor of Proposition 8. A statistic made more significant by the high levels of Democratic registration in the Hispanic population. If 59% of Hispanics in such a heavily Democrat affiliated population go against practically every Democrat prerogative by voting for Proposition 8; we can all safely assume the Democrat registration is not indicative of Hispanic support for Democrats. [link]

    70* percent of Hispanics supported Proposition 200, which required proof of citizenship for government benefits. In 2006, 48 percent voted to make English the official language. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Argentinians and a large selection of other South American inhabitants simply do not care about the border as Mexico's indigenous populations do and are increasingly irritated at Democrats. Irritated at them for stereotyping all immigrant issues as "Mexican" issues.

    Even as Obama and the Democrat Party, justifiably, target the GOP as the party of anti-Mexican hate; Hispanic support of Obama has dropped considerably; 28 points from its 82% peak in May 2009. Making me believe that their support, if it has to do anything with these immigrant issues, is determined by many other things as well.

    Not to mention that, in many cases, such as in California, Hispanics are more conservative than their Caucasian counterparts. It is even more extreme in conservative states, such as Texas, Hispanic self-identification can only be described as far-right: Even more Conservative than individuals within the Republican Party.

    In short, these opinion articles need to start realizing the facts.
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