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    I can’t just understand why a guy would continue to hope and make himself be known if a girl already told him that she is not attracted to short feminine looking, abusive, arrogant, irrational, petulant, ignorant, immature, and younger guys – she could be his mother because of her maturity even though she is a few years older than him. She has an aversion for bad guys, and he is a bad guy.

    How can a guy forgive another girl saying something cruel and nasty things about him? Are there any other guys out there the same way?

    If so, why are you doing this? Do you ever wish she would change her mind? If she says those things to you so many times, there must have been some sort of deep rooted hatred toward you, so why are you guys ignoring all those things and charging on to tell her that you would love to this and that?

    She doesn’t want to be a cougar or his mother or whatever older women have the attraction for younger guys; it gives her the creeps - real bad creeps.

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