Pretty Awesome: Vets get to see WWII memorial in DC

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    The Inland Northwest Honor Flight program was faced with a growing waiting list just four months ago. Aging veterans, wishing to visit the war monuments in Washington, D.C., were running out of time. Yet, thanks to the generosity of KREM 2 viewers, the wishes of 25 veterans came true.

    Wednesday morning, they arrived at the WWII memorial to tour the magnificent monument. KREM 2's Randy Shaw went with them to witness their reaction to the monument.
    The memorial built in honor of these veterans is a wondrous site to behold. It's oval shape with pools of water and shooting fountains flanked by a pavilion commemorating the Atlantic war front and the Pacific war front. 56 huge columns rise from the oval, each representing an individual state or U.S. territory. They are all tied together with a gigantic bronze rope symbolizing a common cause.

    "It has been everything that I've expected and the impression just being here with this particular program is the greatest thing I've done in a long time," said U.S. Navy Gunner Frank Sturman.

    "You don't realize how wonderful this monument is until you see it in person and it brings tears," commented Coast Guard Spar Betty Meyer
    Sen. Bob Dole meets NW Honor Flight vets | KREM 2 News | | When it Matters Most | Local News

    There is also a video at the website from when they met Bob Dole. :)
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