'President Obama KNEW yet DID NOTHING'

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    Throughout his Presidency, evidence shows Barak Obama had Intel / warning that several different catastrophic events / attacks had been planned and were going to be executed against the United States.

    With such warning, evidence also shows he could have taken action to prevent those event / attacks, or, at the least, could have minimized the damage and saved lives.

    Instead, he chose to do nothing.

    Russia Warned U.S. About Tsarnaev, But Spelling Issue Let Him Escape

    Barak Obama and his administration was warned by the Russians about Tsarnaev traveling from the US to a terrorist training camp where he received training before he returned home. They knew about the brother's plan to conduct bombings.

    Obama failed to prevent the Boston Marathon Bombing that killed and injured many Americans.

    AFTER the bombing, the Obama administration put the brother's photo on tv and asked Americans to help identify them...DESPITE THE FACT THEY ALREADY KNEW WHO THEY WERE.

    Obama told Americans 'We do not know who did this, but we will find out'. Obama LIED. He already knew....and he did not act to save American lies.

    This was not, by far, the 1st and / or the only time such a statement could be made about President Obama.

    Obama knew about Benghazi attack beforehand – did nothing

    - JW: Obama Admin Knew About Benghazi Before It Happened

    Obama knew of Russian Interference – and he chose to do nothing...for 2 years

    Obama knew about Hezbollah bringing drugs into the US – and he protected them

    During his Presidency Obama also illegally spied on Americans, reporters, the media, US Senators, and even USSC Justices...and weapons the IRS against Americans who legally opposed his re-election...

    Just whose side was he own?
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