Pres Bush Higher Then Dem Congress In Poll

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    In the opinion of the voters Pres Bush is doing a better job then the Dems in Congress

    In poll, Bush gets higher approval rating than Congress
    By Darlene Superville, Associated Press | July 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON -- In the eyes of the public, Congress is doing even worse than the president.

    Public satisfaction with the job lawmakers are doing has fallen 11 points since May, to 24 percent, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll. That's lower than for President Bush, who has not fared well lately either.

    Bush has been taking heat over the Iraq war, his decision to spare a former top vice presidential aide from going to prison, and his desire for an overhaul of immigration laws that critics said would give a free pass to illegal immigrants. His job approval rating in the AP-Ipsos survey remained virtually unchanged at 33 percent.

    The 24 percent approval rating for Congress matched its previous low, in June 2006, five months before Democrats won control of the House and Senate amid public discontent with the job the Republicans were doing.

    Just two months ago, 35 percent of the public approved of Congress' work.

    Poll respondents from both political parties said they are tired of the fighting between Congress and the White House and want the two branches of government to work together on issues such as education, health care, and the Iraq war.

    "They don't approve of anything he does," Theresa Holsten, 55, a Republican and unemployed resident of Lawton, Okla., said of Congress. "He can't do anything right, according to what some people say. It irritates the living daylights out of me."

    Tammy Lambirth, 42, a data researcher from San Antonio, disapproves of "all the fighting that they do all the time."

    The latest tussle involves Bush's refusal to hand over documents and allow former White House aides to answer questions before the Democratic-controlled Congress about the firing of US attorneys. The dispute could end up in federal court.

    "The Republicans are just stonewalling everything, and the Democrats are just not stepping up and making them do what they need to do, especially about Iraq," said Lambirth, a Democrat. "They need to make our troops get out of Iraq."

    The public's approval of Congress has dropped 11 points since May, but the percentage of Democrats who are turning up their noses at Congress, like Lambirth, nearly doubled. For Republicans, though, this was not the case.

    Approval among Democrats fell 21 points, from 48 percent in May to 27 percent.

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