Pregnant woman's gingivitis caused baby to be stillborn

Discussion in 'Health and Lifestyle' started by proletarian, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Mother?s gum disease linked to infant's death - Pregnancy-
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    Sad, but not really surprising. My mother-in-law essentially died from complications arising from a deep cleaning at the dentist. She didn't get pre-treated with antibiotics, as people with heart murmurs are supposed to do, and the germs hit her system, knocked her down for the count, and she just never managed to get well again. She became quite sick, passed out from the dizziness it caused, broke her hip, became bedridden, her diabetes started to rage out of control, the prolonged high blood sugar counts weakened her heart, and eventually she was just unable to circulate well enough to allow her body to digest food. Eventually, her heart just stopped beating strongly enough to maintain her body at all, and she was gone.

    Anything that lets germs into a body with a less-than-perfect immune system is potentially deadly.

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