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    I just came across these predictions from a pundit back in 1998. You really gotta admire this guys ability to see future trends and the impact they will have on the economy. The author was pointing out why economist are really bad at predicting the future. He was pointing out that they often get overly optimistic and expect things to happen that won't, like flying cars and robots. He then pointed out that we do not live in a world where technology is living up to the hype, and that we are doomed to a life of technological disappointment.

    Here are his predictions.

    Before I provide the link, I want to ask people to think about what a man who got everything so wrong should be doing now. Anyone that thinks that this would be the go to man for progressives when they want to defend their pet economic theories raise their hand.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Paul Krugman, modern day Nostradamus.

    The Red Herring - Economics - June 1998

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