Pre-review: "The Forgotten Space"

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    This is only a pre-review...I'll put it on my Netflix list, but for our Left-wing colleagues who need their Marxist-fix this Saturday nite.....
    ....I just came upon this in the Village Voice...

    1."The Forgotten Space," directed by Allan Sekula and Noel Burch.

    2.Epic in scope, intellectual agility, and the potential to induce panic and despair, this documentary exploration of global trade as an emblem of economic apocalypse avoids (just barely) doom-mongering by virtue of its compassion and visual grandeur.

    3. In a similar mode to William Vollmann's sprawling exposés of capitalistic folly, filmmakers Allan Sekula and Noël Burch focus on the workers—shipping employees, truckers, and manufacturing laborers ...But by methodically exposing the physical impossibility of perpetual growth, the film reveals how absurdly self-defeating human and ecological exploitation through mechanization has become.

    4. Capitalism can't help but eat itself, Sekula and Burch suggest—"
    The Forgotten Space - Page 1 - Movies - New York - Village Voice

    Lefties....drooling, right?
    More 'red' (pun intended) meat?

    5. "... the sea is capitalism's global trading floor writ large. For as much attention as Wall Street gets, the global shipping trade is responsible for the exchange of 90% of the world's goods,...

    6. ...expose the invisible lives of cheap labor needed to ship these goods and how capitalism runs on people like oil. The film's centerpiece, and most recurrent visual, is the 1950s American invention that has made so much of this possible and that Sekula, in his overtly Marxist narration, compares to resembling dollars in a gangster's briefcase: cargo containers.

    7. ...The Forgotten Space goes to follow capitalism's tentacles, Sekula's narration always feels personal. It's this essayistic quality that makes the documentary more interesting than its subject alone,...

    8. ... stringing together personal stories of those who find themselves on the flipside of capitalism's profiteers, it always returns to a POV shot of a cargo ship at sea stacked high with shipping containers.

    9. ....makes The Forgotten Space such a multi-layered film essay, one with no easy surface to ground your feet on, angled and rhythmically unsteady, shaking us off a recognizable path and creating meanings through the reverberation between disparate scenes, visual metaphors, and suggestive narration."
    The Forgotten Space | Film Review | Slant Magazine

    Wait....before you liberal folks run out to see this film, be sure to leave your address, so I can bogart your stuff while you're out....

    ....nothing's just capitalism.

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