POTUS, Mittens and guns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Luddly Neddite, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Ya gotta love it.

    The president signed a bill making it legal to carry loaded guns in national parks.

    Mittens signed a bill outlawing assault rifles and has said he doesn't agree with the NRA.

    The president has not changed his position on guns and has never shown any interest in gun control.

    Mittens is speaking to the NRA and we can safely bet he just loves guns and thinks we should have a gun in every pot or some such lie because, the one thing you can count on with Mittens is that he changes his color more often than a chameleon.

    Mitten's campaign says he owns two shotguns but, when asked, could not say when or where he bought them. Later, Mittens, in one of his lamest lies yet, finally said he shoots "varmints" but, a la $arah, couldn't name even one.

    All of tis proves that Mittens is just one of the guys AND that the presidentis coming for our guns and bibles.

    Yep, gotta those loony rw's

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