Postmodernism and the Transformation of America

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    Not at all.
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    An offshoot of Postmodernism, Critical Theory, is very influential in Educational Psychology. Critical Pedagogy heavily influences the educational system. It starts in grade school.

    Critical theory - Wikipedia

    "Advocates of critical pedagogy view teaching as an inherently political act, reject the neutrality of knowledge, and insist that issues of social justice and democracy itself are not distinct from acts of teaching and learning. The goal of critical pedagogy is emancipation from oppression through an awakening of the critical consciousness, based on the Portuguese term conscientização. When achieved, critical consciousness encourages individuals to effect change in their world through social critique and political action."

    You see, it's all about indoctrinating kids that traditional education was racist, sexist, homophobic and that the ideas that prevailed during the Enlightenment period only did so because of white, male dominance. Also, turning out angry political activists is what the educational system is really all about.

    "As teachers relinquish the authority of truth providers, they assume the mature authority of facilitators of student inquiry and problem-solving. In relation to such teacher authority, students gain their freedom--they gain the ability to become self-directed human beings capable of producing their own knowledge."

    Critical Pedagogy is also one of the reasons teachers struggle to maintain discipline over their classrooms. It's big on areas of study like Ethnomathematics, EthnoPhysics, and various other subfields. It was first implemented in progressive areas, starting a few decades ago. It has been instrumental in producing the screaming mobs of SJW retards that storm around college campuses shouting down speakers.

    It started to gain prominence in academia with the Frankfurt School. Later, the counter-culture movement of the hippy era flooded it with eager converts attending college to avoid the Vietnam War. Many who were only attending college to avoid the war, not being serious students, were attracted to the fluff fields in the humainties and social sciences where they can never be proven wrong. Fueled by the anti-establishment attitude of the times, they embraced the teachings of the subversive communists in the Frankfurt School and the whole thing really took off. It has been undermining our educational system and mainstream media for decades, rotting our culture from the inside out.

    By the way, I'm not being critical, I'm being objective.
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